Hand made with Belgian chocolate. We only deliver within the UK.

"They're the best chocolates I've ever had. I can't stop eating them..."

Ms I Gomez, Swansea. (For more quotes see below left).

Maxwells Chocolates

It's About The Chocolates

Maxwells Chocolates are now available online, with rapid delivery anywhere in the UK.
For most of our customers, these are the best chocolates they've ever tasted. They make a great gift, but they're great for guzzling at home too.
Try them: you'll be amazed and delighted.

Luxury Handmade Chocolates...Sought By Channel 5 And ITV1!

Celebrity Big Brother Chocolates Maxwells Chocolates (pictured right in their appearance on Celebrity Big Brother) are a product of the skill and imagination of our Chocolatiers, and are hand-made, entirely in the UK, from luxury ingredients imported from all over the World.

...Made From Fine Belgian Chocolate And Natural Ingredients

We love the wonderful mouthfeel of fine chocolate, and use exclusively Belgian chocolate, (dark, milk and white) and natural ingredients: fresh fruits and nuts, compotes and luxury natural oils such as rose oil and violet oil giving intense flavours, alongside Italian Limoncello liqueur and Speyside malt whisky in our truffles, fondants and other chocolates. Hand-made and hand-packed, our chocolates are regarded by those who have enjoyed them as superb.

We take our responsibilities seriously. Our chocolate is ethically sourced, and our packaging is carefully designed to protect our chocolates while minimising damage to the environment.

Chocolatiers To The Stars...

Maxwells Chocolates are in demand by TV stars! Click here if you want to see the details.

Maxwells Chocolates: Setting Standards

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